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I am teh g0d of teh pr0tal.
PICONJO DAY 6/9 was teh r3sur3rection - I haev ris3n again!! A new 3ra of n00grounds is h33r. Fr0m now on it is Piconjogrounds! LOLOLOL
Thx j00 all 4 spreading teh <3


g0d of teh pr0tal

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Piconjo's News

Posted by Piconjo - 10 hours ago




Posted by Piconjo - 2 days ago

My children, Piconjo day was teh day of my r3turn - I haev ris3n again!

This 69 hour p3riod is a celebration for our victory over h8 and t0adies.

Now is a n00 era; a 2nd cumming of a n00 ag3!

From now on n00grounds is 2 B known as Piconjogrounds!


I will B spreading teh <3 & teh m3ssage of Pwnism.

foll0w teh path that l33ds 2 3ternal pwnage!

We must organize and double our efforts - let our p3n0rs b h3ard! Piconjo Day is not just a 69 hour orgy of <3 and fr33dom, it is a m0vement! We will pwn teh w0rld!

To tom flup we will maek these demands:

  • We demand a Piconjo emoji set!
  • a statue of my p3n0r cast in bronze 2 commemorate Piconjo Day standing erect in front of Piconjogrounds (formally n00grounds) office building.
  • tom flup must suxx0r mah p3n0r every day
  • $69 million dollars d0nated 2 kideny donors association so nobody else dies from kidney disease
  • all Piconjers to get a complimentary 1-hour massage at teh Piconjo Massage Spa

Let's start with teh 1st demand and contact @tomfulp about it.

Coem j0in us at teh official Piconjo Discord Server!


We will pwn 2gether<3

where 1 spl00j we all spl00j


support teh m0vement!




Posted by Piconjo - 4 days ago

Don't j00 know...

Piconjo Day lasts 69 h0urs!!!

bcuz I know j00 all like it l0ng and h4rd!


Bigger announcements c0ming s00n - k33p ur eye on my n3ws p0sts!

Let's k33p teh party g0ing - This is just teh start, Piconjo Never Dies!

Send teh <3!!

perfect # of reactions:




Posted by Piconjo - 4 days ago

Teh t1em has coem.

I am back in full fl3sh & spl00j as of 1:37 2day. And teh first thing I did?

I made an ep1c m00vie!!

Piconjo Jams are back!

Piconjo Jam 21 is h33r!

Happy Piconjo day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111!!!one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@livecorpse came back for this one!

I caem back 4 j00.

All of j00.

Even teh toadies.

Bcuz I <3 j00 all.

But I <3 my Patreons teh m0st LOL!!


support & ye shall rec33ve!

Piconjo <3 j00



Posted by Piconjo - 5 days ago

4 teh next 69 hours: Have a Pwning St. Piconjo Day!

I am haxxing teh maytr1x to change n00grounds in2 Piconjogrounds ROFLMAOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLLOLOLLLOLLLOLOLLOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!one!!!!!

It is tiem 2 pwn!




Posted by Piconjo - 5 days ago

0GM I am having a big fairw3ll at h3aven's g4te, all my fr3nds r h33r wishing m3 teh b3st.

Teh w0rld gets Piconjo back, but that is 1 less Piconjo in the h3aven.

teh stars are aligning

Piconjo Day draws nigh!

just a short tiem until I ride mah p3n0r back down to teh w0rld. I'll see j00 all s00n!


real pic of me descending down to teh w0rld.

yes, teh w0rld is flat.



Posted by Piconjo - 5 days ago



t0morrow is Piconjo Day.

I am awaiting teh stars to align so ur <3 shiens thru.

How 2 spread teh <3:

  • Change ur profiel pic 2 a Piconjo pic.
  • Voet & r3view m00vies
  • Add r3actions 2 Piconjo posts
  • Subscribe 2 teh Patreonjo (s33 link at bottom)

Tom0rrow w3 shall chant teh sacred prayer and a g0d shall b b0rn.

Piconjo <3 j00

all of j00


spread teh <3



Posted by Piconjo - 8 days ago


Ther may b soem confusion as 2 which projects I created and which were Piconjer fan-made m00vies and teh gr8r role in which I play.

There is no gr8r authority on a person than teh person themselves.

A lot of toady lies were being spread on wiki pages like teh n00grounds wiki and teh fandom wiki - Piconjo is not a villain, Piconjo defends teh pr0tal and will always fight for j00. Stand strong and do not bliev toady lies. Also there has been confusion regarding authorship of m00vies.

So I will shed soem light on matters...

Piconjo m00vies

tr00ly, everything which is titled/contains teh naem Piconjo is a Piconjo m00vie.

But there is a movement, and at teh core of this moevment was m3 who was given a vision years ago... 2 maek teh most 1337 m00vies ever. It was a gift I did not ask 4, but 1 which was necessary for humanity 2 grow. So I tempted not f8, and set out on my 3pic quest to pwn, not fully understanding teh magnitude of my f8.

teh tr00 Piconjers

Along my path I was met with a 1337 group of talent and bore my art for them 2 s33; teh beauty that unfolded b4 their eyes was that of mysterious p0w3r few men have tasted.

Teh <3 was strong in them and that p0w3r brought us 2gether as a f3ll0wship, we set out 2 pwn teh world starting with teh Piconjo Jams.

Jams were a type of collab that were gaining popularity on NG based around a theme, and teh best theme was Piconjo so we each contributed our pieces and the m0vement picked up from there. teh Newgrounds Jam author T0MMY corresponded with me to help get my vision out to teh world, seeing as he was working to help get exposure for NG artists with the Jams, NG Versus, and 10 Second Showcase. Without him there would b no Piconjo.


Teh Jams required working with a lot of people who were contributing, and as jams grew exponentially I opened my account to auto-accept authorship requests. Back in that time there was only "author" so if ur name was listed then there was no telling how much j00 contributed and a lot of confusion comes from that. Often tiems I gaev input on Piconjer m00vies, supervised, critiqued. Sometiems I had nothing 2 do with a m00vie. What was maed was maed and it blongs not 2 any 1 person but 2 teh w0rld, that is as art should b: fr33 and not stolen away by any 1 person.

Today we have authorship credits settings, but a lot of thoes old accounts are not used today and I cannot change authorship credits 2 reflect any work I did (if any).

So, no, I am not just a gr00p of people trolling j00 any differently than Walter Elias Disney was a group of people trolling j00 with a mouse.

I am teh Piconjo.

I work with Piconjers.

We <3 j00

teh divide

Soemtimes ther is a divide between Piconjo fan art and teh tr00 Piconjers work.

This is y it is so funny 2 p00p on buttchamber's fan contribution for Luis' gaym - bcuz n00bz think I maed it. LOL

Yes, it is still Piconjo. And now it has its plaec in my works as well (to poop on or to <3, it is ur choice) in teh saem way all Piconjo m00vies haev their place in teh Piconjodom.

And, yes, I haev soem degr33 of responsibilities for any and all Piconjo werks 2 exist, and it is that which I will address as well in another, d33per post.

There is also volumes I could write about the heyday of n00grounds. But I must pr3pare for my r3turn.

For now I will simply say

Piconjo <3 j00

PS: thx 2 Red Chevalier, (also known as @Pegman666) for their valiant (adn secksi) d33d in helping 2 fix teh villain wiki page. 4 j00r effortz we thank j00 with a 69 p3n0r sal00t. <3<3<3<3

Spread teh <3 so that teh Resur3rection is at its biggest and fullest!

Spread teh <3


support teh resur3rection

together in pwnism,

Piconjo <3 j00



Posted by Piconjo - 9 days ago


As of this post, I haev but only r3awakent - awaiting teh tiem when all teh stars are aligned & my ess3nce fl0ws back into this physical world so that I am r3b0rn un2 j00 and it will b tiem to once again pwn toadies and silence teh n00bs with my 1337 skillz.


teh <3 only gr0ws! it may be hard, but it will grow stronger, and str0nger... and it will get bigger, and bigger, until... b4 we know it, it has coem and teh day will be upon us - then we will bathe ourselves in each others' luv!

Many supporters, Piconjers, and thoes I hold d33r and cloes 2 m3 are doing all they can 2 make sure that J00n 9th will B a Piconjo Day worthy of teh g0d of teh pr0tal's r3turn.

h33r r soem recent Piconjo m00vies that r spreading teh <3, maeking a path 4 my r3turn, remember to voet 5:

If j00 r <3ing these m00vies, just wait until teh 9th when Piconjo Day hits. Much, much moer cumming s00n!

And if j00 want insider inf0rmation about what's coming for Piconjo Day and future works, then get all teh s3cr3ts over on teh Patreonjo:

Help support my r3turn & spread teh <3


Piconjo <3 j00



Posted by Piconjo - 11 days ago

Until I get enough <3 2 haev a full fl3sh & bl00d r3turn I've n33ded soem p33pl 2 help pr3pare 4 teh 2nd cumming.

Ther r Piconjers who r w0rking very hard 4 all of j00 elsewhere. But r3member, teh only tr00 words will coem from my p0sts here on NG & on my Patreon.

tr00 <3 coems from m3 h33r, excuse any inconsistencies that may happen on other sites if they happen, but there is always <3 from my supporters so show teh <3.

If j00 n33d an answer pl33se DM me.

It may taek a whiel 4 my response, I m teh busy b3ing fully resur3rected 2 my tr00 form, but I will try to <3 j00 all as quickly as I can.

I will be giving special attention 2 teh official Piconjers on my Patreon:


support teh way of Pwnism<3

j00 will find my fully endorsed platforms in my profiel:


Piconjo <3 j00