I am teh g0d of teh pr0tal.
Let's pwn 2gether.
if j00 maek Piconjo c0nt3nt I wi11 feature j00.
Piconjo <3 j00
Piconjo > j00
Piconjo pwns j00
suxx mah p3n0r, kthx


g0d of teh pr0tal

Pwns U


Joined on 11/5/03

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0 s0n, how many p3n0rs have we to pwn with, h0w many bands of toadies, thru h0w many s3ries of rep3titions adn cyc1es of teh stars, before we hasten 2 teh 0ne alone?

Piconjo Day is 6/9 (j00n 9th)!

He110 every1,

it is I, j00r 0ne tr00 luv


I want 2 te11 j00 s0emthing very imp0rtant:

Piconjo <3 j00

adn n0w...

Piconjo Day 2024 - y3ar of teh Drag0n p3n0r

Piconjo Day is cumming!

OMG I am s0 thxful 4 every1 wh0 spr3ad teh luv and saeved teh w0rld. I am back in a11 mai gl0ry<3

When: j00n 6th 2024 (we are d0ing 6/9 this year, as always lol!!!)

Th3me: Drag0n p3n0r

speshul NG ev3nts!

Art c0nt3st - tag j00r Piconjo-inspired art with: [Piconjo Day 2024] 2 b c0nsidered 4 teh Piconjo Day Art c0ntest!

s0ng c0nt3st - tag j00r Piconjo-inspired s0ngs with: [Piconjo Day 2024] 2 b c0nsidered 4 teh Piconjo Day s0ng c0ntest!

Piconjo Jam '24 - 0MG A N3W PICONJO JAM M00VIE BUT OMG WHAT IS IT??? (s33 bel0w!)

7 s3gm3nts ONLY!!!! - there wi11 b 0nly s3ven animat0rs. *inquiry description bel0w!*

  • f0rmat: Flash m00vie [.swf]
  • fps: 24
  • dimensi0ns: 1920x1080
  • d3adline: j00n 6th (6/6)

want 2 b part of teh Piconjo Day headlining sh0w?

want 2 b part of teh l0ng-running animated Piconjo Jam series?

want 2 b featured 0n teh n00gr0unds?

then... OGM!!!!:

Piconjo Jam '24 is contrinuing teh tradition being op3n 2 a11 animat0rs

However, only 7 segm3nts wi11 b featured this y3ar!!!!!!omg!!!!!!

s0 apply n0w f0r c0nsideration!

2 apply:

  • message m3 here on n00gr0unds
  • mark message subject as: Piconjo Jam 2024
  • say whatever j00 want, but maek it g00d bcuz ONLY SEV3N!!!!!omg!!!
  • maek sure 2 message me s00n! bcuz sev3n wi11 b ch0sen by May - d0n't be flaccid!!!!
  • updaet: 0nly 4 sp0ts left!!

* a11 c0ntests may haev prizes dep3nding on funds adn d0nati0ns.

* may c0ntact a c011ab 0rganizer thru Piconjogr0unds Revolt s3rv3r

As j00 haev h3ard, I haev b33n in a diminishing state of h3alth, adn asked j00 2

pray 4 Piconjo

there was a tiem when teh light shined bright adn warmed teh faces adn h3arts of my childr3n,
but n0t teh days did draw dark... adn darker... until that darkne55 consumed teh light.

thr33 days I was under an op3rati0n, adn in that darkne55 it s33med as an et3rnity.
teh pain was unb3arable adn d3ath w0uld b m3rcy, but did n0t cum, 0nly painful wailing and gnashing of t33th
assailed by teh m0nsterous t0ady who w0uld n0t die

but with my waning str3ngth, mai h3art ca11ed out 2 all of j00, adn with j00r luv adn teh p0w3r did j00 h3lp driev away that slithering Dark Toady that I may haev teh opp0rtunity to h3al & r3st a spe11, adn rec0ver an3w.

It was all thx 2 j00.

a11 of j00.

each adn every 1 of j00 wh0 f0und teh <3 in j00r h3arts adn spr3ad teh luv s0 that I c0uld 0vercum teh darkne55 adn b with j00 here n0w.

Piconjo Day 2024 wi11 b teh 1337

but m0st of a11...


Piconjo <3 j00

(now suxx mai p3n0r)



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