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I am teh g0d of teh pr0tal.
PICONJO DAY 6/9 was teh r3sur3rection - I haev ris3n again!! A new 3ra of n00grounds is h33r. Fr0m now on it is Piconjogrounds! LOLOLOL
Thx j00 all 4 spreading teh <3


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Say hi 2: Oliver & Buttchamber

Posted by Piconjo - June 16th, 2021

Hai, I am Piconjo



There are other characters in Piconjo m00vies and Piconjer fan m00vies.

Two of which are 0liver and Buttchamber.


This is Oliver Longwood.

Oliver is a g00d l00king and charming fellow, but he is a soci0path. He dyes his hair and dresses liek me, and soetiems carries a stage prop sw0rd.

Oliver maed his m00vie debut in Night in New York City, a story where he m33ts an adult man who wears a bl0nd wig and goes to a club. idr teh full details but I think they dance, they k1ss, they fall in <3 and haev a healthy relationship. Eventually they marry and haev teh child.

But teh child was an abomination, a hideous and ung0dly creature L00king nothing like either of teh parents. 0liver believed there was infidelity in teh relationship and left teh family. Leaving teh child an abandoned bastard.

That bastard child is Buttchamber who later maed an appearance in N00grounds Rumb13 a gaem that has b33n heralded as making teh bigg3st blunder on n00grounds regarding IPs; this blunder is teh source of all teh confusion regarding m3 when Buttchamber was mistakenly named "Piconjo".

This is Buttchamber:



I am not Oliver.

I am not Buttchamber.

I am Piconjo, and I am happy 2 haev cl33red up teh confusion 4 j00<3

How do you f33l about Oliver's decision on his relationship?

Who are @Buttchamber biological parents?

Haev questions of ur own? Then post bel0w.

And subscrieb 2 mah Patreon: Teh Patreonjo<3



Comments (33)


N3wgr0und$ hi$t0ry <3

Anyways back to real talk, when did you first have the idea to name yourself “piconjo”

Being Piconjo is my 1st m3m0ry.

Pure childh00d remind (Newgrounds Rumble)!
To be honest, i thought you were dead because i read some comments here before you came back. Like you got some kind of kidney transplant and failed(allergic reaction)....etc.

bastard child

oliver should've got rid of that abomination once it was born. who cares if its ' not ethical ' and ' filicide ', it would've saved us a whole lotta confusion >:|

oh wow thanks for this post <3 i was really confused about all these different styles and if they were related to you

well, this means i have to stop calling the Rumble Guy "Rumble Piconjo" , but well, if that's what you want, it's ok

fuck that I am not calling newgrounds rumble piconjo buttchamber he’s already ingrained in my brain and he and petunia like going on killing sprees and when they get home piconjo (real) is just like “what the fuck, guys” and they’re just like “lol murder!!!!!”

@Delcaniner he died but then he CAME BACK

Piconj0 <3's us

thanks for the facts, lord and savior Piconjo. i'll make sure to refer to the Rumble one as "Baldonjo."

*Error Beep* YO_ *error* are Neo- *boop* real +++_Error

No wonder Buttchamber's petty....

Thanks for again clarifying stuff for us mere mortals, Piconjo! However, i have a question for j00: are you the Messiah?

ther is not just 1 messiah; as any wh0 are ann01nted bcum a k1ng.
cultiv8 teh p3n0r p0w3r, ann01nt th33 with th1ne spl00j upon th33 4head, s33 0nce moer, and r1se from teh depths an3w.

t3h pic0nj0-v3r$3 ?????

Th4nk$ for 3xplanin dis 2 teh new ppl h3r3

Piconjo l0rE bl0w my m1nD. Thx picnjo f0r te11nnG me ths.

i have learned so much, thank you piconjo :D!1!!11

<33 Buttchamber hz a pretty name <33 <3

Hi Piconjo

Ogm hai!!1! <3

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